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About us

St. Joseph College is an English medium, co-educational institution, that combines the very best in educational practices, powered and propelled by a philosophy of education that is diverse and yet truly modern.


Education is a dynamic and never ending process. In today's fast changing world, the philosophy and essence of education, its priority as well as perception have taken new dimensions in order to meet the challenges thrown by the growing impact of globalization. In order to achieve success we just need to set a goal and work for it with our heart and soul.

We at St. Joseph College aim to plan and implement education policies by shaping the minds and hearts of our students, thereby imparting value aided quality education. Our students are made to experience education with a holistic approach which not only emphasizes on the academic front but also other important aspects...

Wings of ambition & roots of tradition. This has been the philosophy and belief of our institution. St. Joseph is committed to impart excellence in super specialty education in different streams to promote high ethical values among students, transforming a new breed of individuals who will empower the nation's future growth.

We aim to provide exemplary, high-tech and global thrust based education which blends in the right mix of theoretical and practical knowledge and enable our students to reach zenith. We honour past, nurture present and respect future responsibility to keep ourselves updated to contemporary trends with a futuristic vision...

Dear Parents, Teachers, Students and well-wishers, My greetings to all of you ! I experience immense joy as I welcome you to our School website. It gives me an opportunity to be in contact with you after taking over as Principal of St. Joseph, Sitapur Road, Lucknow.

Our school has a tradition of imparting value based education to the children entrusted to our care for almost three decades now and this branch is one more step into the wide avenue of long lasting values and deep rooted integrity that the School has constructed over the past years....

photo gallery

Updated on: Nov 30th , 2022

happy birthday

  • agrima singh
    agrima singh
    Class - 10-D
  • aayansh shukla
    aayansh shukla
    Class - 6-C
  • aradhya singh
    aradhya singh
    Class - 6-B
  • akankshi tiwari
    akankshi tiwari
    Class - 4-A
  • abdulla javed
    abdulla javed
    Class - 2-D
  • ayansh tiwari
    ayansh tiwari
    Class - UKG-A
  • areeb beg
    areeb beg
    Class - 6-A
  • hamna haroon
    hamna haroon
    Class - 4-A
  • yashwani gautam
    yashwani gautam
    Class - LKG-A
  • vihan yadav
    vihan yadav
    Class - UKG-A
  • viraj rawat
    viraj rawat
    Class - UKG-A
  • pari yasmeen
    pari yasmeen
    Class - UKG-B
  • aakanksha shukla
    aakanksha shukla
  • manesh kumar
    manesh kumar singh
  • neelima kulshrestha
    neelima kulshrestha
  • almas abid
    almas abid
  • shivani singh
    shivani singh
  • anil kumar
    anil kumar gupta
  • prachi parihar
    prachi parihar
  • ankita agnihotri
    ankita agnihotri

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School Anthem

In the ancient land of Oudh
With the legacy regal splendor
We the Josephians stand tall
With the faith and love to kinder.
In the ancient...

Under the roof of St. Joseph school
Our very own Alma mater
Our foundations were laid strong
Under the guidance of our teacher
In the ancient...

Like a pigeon should be we'll spread the message
The mission that school has given ...

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